Set Free Alaska is now providing medically necessary behavioral health services to individuals in direct response to a crisis within a safe home-like environment of 24/7 monitored care. These services are limited in scope and duration.

At Set Free Alaska, you can expect to be valued and receive individualized care.  Set Free Alaska uses a highly innovative “mind-body-spirit” approach to recovery. This unique approach fuses healthy spiritual principles with proven clinical and therapeutic techniques. Set Free Alaska operates a client-centered model and uses multiple forms of treatment service delivery.

CRISIS HOTLINE 907-521-5239

Services Provided:

  • Psychiatric and Medical Evaluation
  • Nursing Services
  • Medication Support
  • Assessments
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Case Management
  • Peer & Group Support
  • Treatment Plan
  • Referral Services

Eligibly Criteria:

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Must be experiencing issues with substance use
  • Must not have any medical issues requiring DAILY nursing or physician care.
  • Must not be an immediate danger to self or others and is able to safely remain in an open, community-based setting.

Other questions you can ask your yourself before calling:

Are my substance use issues impacting my ability fulfill social responsibilities, such as engaging in work, school, parenting, maintaining a household, or other meaningful, productive activity?

Are my substance use issues impacting my relationships and ability to meaningfully interact with others, including the ability to actively communicate, maintain a supportive social network, avoid isolation, and control disruptive behaviors?

Are my substance use issues impacting my ability to complete daily self-care activities regarding my physical health, personal hygiene and grooming, and nutritional needs?

Are my substance use issues impacting my ability to maintain my mental health, including but not limited to, problem-solve issues, be independent and keep personal safety, and use available community resources for those purposes?

Are my substance use issues resulting in me engaging in behaviors that are illegal or outside socially accepted rules?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and meet all other criteria mentioned above, then we may be your solution to getting the help you need. Please call 907-521-5239 to do official screening and determine if you are a good fit for this program.