An Assessment is Your First Step to Recovery!

At Set Free Alaska we understand each person is unique and to be valued so treatment options are individualized according to your specific needs.

One of our caring professionals will sit down with you and provide you with a recommendation for what level of care (treatment) is most appropriate for your specific circumstances. It’s an opportunity to share your needs and desires with someone who can help get you get started towards freedom from addiction.

Underinsured Individuals – $80-$550

  • No commercial insurance
  • Sliding Scale Fee Based on Income
  • An $80.00 advance payment is required to schedule an assessment
  • Accepted forms of income verification for sliding scale determination
    • W-2
    • Last 2 paystubs
    • Proof of state assistance i.e.; MDCD, Food Stamps

Commercial Insurance – $260 – $550

  • Insurance will be billed directly by our office
  • Charges will be reimbursed if covered by insurance
  • Charges not covered by insurance qualify for sliding scale fee’s based on income level
  • An $80.00 deposit is required to schedule an assessment.  The remaining balance due is based on insurance benefit and sliding scale fee eligibility
  • Please contact our office to discuss insurance options


  • Proof of eligibility is required
  • For Medicaid enrolled individuals no fee is incurred


Please contact our office directly for any additional questions regarding assessment fees.

What Referring Agencies Will Accept and Approve Your Assessment?

Set Free Alaska is certified by the Division of Behavioral Health to provide substance abuse treatment services. This means that all agencies working in connection with our local and state governments will accept and approve our assessments and treatment. Some of these agencies include:

  • ASAP-Mat-Su, Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks
  • Adult Probation
  • Federal Probation
  • OCS
  • All court mandated treatment including Therapeutic Courts

How Can I Schedule an Assessment?

Call our office and speak with someone in person OR Click the Get Started button below to complete this process online.

Assessment Instructions

The Assessment process has 4 parts:

  1. Complete all (4) of the required forms.
  2. Pay the Assessment deposit.
  3. Schedule a personal appointment in our office.

There are 2 easy ways you can complete the Assessment process:

  1. You can come to our office personally.
  2. You can use our easy “Online Application Process” by clicking the “Begin Assessment Process” button below.

NOTE: Your Assessment will not be complete until all the necessary forms and payments have been completed and you have had an official Assessment meeting in person with one of our staff. If you have any questions along the way feel free to call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Initial Intake Application Form

If you need any help with this process please call us 907-373-4732


What can I expect at the appointment?

You can expect to be treated with honor and dignity. Assessments last approximately 1.5 hours. You will be asked questions about your drug and alcohol use historically and currently. We will also look to gather information about other life factors that could be potentially connected with your substance use.

What if I have already had a previous assessment?

We can accept most assessments if they have been completed within the last 6 months. If your previous assessment is accepted you will have the ability to meet with our assessment counselor for an assessment addendum at a discounted rate. If you have an assessment that is less than 6 months old, contact our office to receive information about how to proceed. If you know you have had a recent assessment but do not have a copy of it, call our office and we can help walk you through the necessary steps to attain the assessment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

1. A form of picture identification
2. Proof of household income (if you qualify for a sliding scale fee)
3. Completed paperwork (if you have paid and registered online)
4. Proof of Insurance/Insurance Cards

If Im ASAP mandated for treatment is there a specific process I must go through?

Yes, all ASAP clients must first check-in with ASAP and be assigned to Set Free Alaska prior to having an assessment. If you need credit for treatment through ASAP please contact their office to make sure that you have been assigned to our agency. You can reach ASAP at 746-6260.