An Assessment is Your First Step to Recovery!

At Set Free Alaska we understand each person is unique and to be valued. Treatment options are individualized according to your specific needs.

One of our caring professionals will sit down with you and assess the recommended level of care (treatment) most appropriate for your specific circumstance. This step is an opportunity to share your needs and desires with someone who can help you get started towards freedom from addiction.

Self-Pay Individuals:

Set Free Alaska, Inc. understands that billing and financial responsibility can be a concern for non-covered or underinsured individuals. Here are some important points regarding self-pay billing and financial assistance:

Deposits for Assessments: An $80.00 deposit is required to schedule an assessment. This deposit helps to secure your appointment and initiate the assessment process.

Good Faith Estimates: After your assessment, you will have a one-on-one meeting with one of our administrative professionals. During this meeting, a Good Faith Estimate of your financial responsibility will be provided to you. This estimate accounts for the treatment recommendations and routine service expectations specific to your situation.

Sliding Fee (Discount) Rate: If you do not have medical insurance coverage, do not qualify for state assistance (i.e., Medicaid), but require financial support for treatment, we offer a sliding-fee rate for those who qualify. To determine eligibility for this discounted rate, please contact our office for additional information. 

Prompt Pay Discount:
Set Free Alaska, offers a prompt pay discount to encourage payment at the time of service. Here are the details regarding this discount:
Discount Eligibility: The prompt pay discount applies to the estimated self-pay charges, meaning charges not covered by insurance or other funding sources. To qualify for this discount, a payment must be made at the time of the appointment or service. It is important to note that the discount is applicable only if no other discount has already been applied to the charges, and no outstanding charges are on the account.

Discount Percentage: If the expected charges for the day’s appointment are paid in full at the time of service, and the discount eligibility is applicable, a 20% discount will be applied to the charges billed. This discount provides an incentive for timely payment and helps alleviate the financial burden.


• No Medical Insurance Coverage or Underinsured  
• $80.00 Deposit for Assessment Scheduling is required. 
• Prompt Pay Discounts, if applicable 
• Sliding-Fee Scale (Discount), if applicable


• Set Free Alaska, Inc. is Out of Network (OON) with most Commercial Insurance Policies, OON benefits may apply. 
• $80.00 Deposit for Assessment Scheduling is required. 
• Insurance will be billed directly by our office, ensuring that you receive the necessary documentation for insurance reimbursement. 


• Proof of Eligibility/Active coverage is required. 
• Medicaid covers 100% of the service cost for eligible members.  
• Please note for items such as books, supplies, or no-show fees are NOT covered by Medicaid. 


Set Free Alaska is certified by the Division of Behavioral Health to provide substance abuse treatment services. This means that all agencies working in connection with our local and state governments will accept and approve our assessments and treatment. Some of these agencies include:

• ASAP-Mat-Su, Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks
• Adult Probation
• Federal Probation
• All court mandated treatment including Therapeutic Courts


• Complete all required forms by clicking the “Initial Intake Application Form” blue button below
• Upload ID and/or insurance card(s).
• Pay the assessment deposit.
• Schedule an assessment appointment in our office.


You can schedule an assessment appointment by coming to our office personally or call us at 907.373.4SFA.

NOTE: Your Assessment will not be complete until all the necessary forms and payments have been completed and you have had an official Assessment meeting in person with one of our staff. If you have any questions along the way feel free to call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Initial Intake Application Form



1. Valid Picture ID: All clients must present a valid picture ID.

2. Assessment Deposit: A deposit of $80.00 is required to schedule an assessment unless you have active Medicaid coverage or are court-mandated for treatment. Assessment Deposits are non-refundable for no-show or same day cancellations.

3. Insurance Information: Please provide your insurance card(s) and demographic information for the primary beneficiary (i.e., policy holder) before receiving services being billed to insurance.

4. Medicaid Coverage: Alaska Medicaid beneficiaries receive full coverage for treatment. It is important for the covered individual to maintain their Medicaid eligibility requirements and promptly inform Set Free Alaska of any termination or changes in coverage.

5. Commercial Insurance: Medical insurance policies both employer-provided and individual plans purchased through the Marketplace are Out of Network with Set Free Alaska. If choosing to use Out of Network benefits, additional discounts such as prompt pay or income-based discounts will not be applicable.

6. Full Pay: Services billed directly to the individual. Charges for services will not be billed to any insurance policy for reimbursement and/or discounts applied from contractual rates. Additional discounts may be applied for prompt pay or income-based discounts, if applicable.

7. Good Faith Estimates: Will be provided to Full Pay and Out of Network individuals after the completion of the Assessment and before admittance for treatment. Our billing and administrative professionals will utilize the financial information provided to create a good faith estimate. This estimate will outline the charges for the recommended care based on the assessment performed.

Referral Source
If you have a referring agency such as ASAP or OCS, it is best for Set Free to have a referral from referral source before scheduling.