What is Peer Support?

The Peer Support Program is a function of our Outpatient Program offering Peer Support and Peer Based Crisis Services. Our Peer Support program is community-centered, focusing on building and strengthening the individual’s support system as well as reducing the stigma associated with addiction.  We facilitate contacts with others within the community to promote learning of social and recreational skills, create healthy relationships within community, and most importantly help them acquire a sense of belonging.

Our Peer Support Providers are people in recovery from a behavioral health issue, or the family member of a person in recovery from a behavioral health issue and they play a vital role in supporting similar individuals in their recovery journey (e.g., person to person, family member to family member). The Peer Support role is responsible for providing an array of support services and interventions designed to inspire hope and personal responsibility. Their professional and personal approach to service provides understanding, offers education, and promotes self-advocacy and self-determination through a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship.

Who we help? Anyone struggling with substance use issues. 

How do I get help? It’s simple! Call this number 907-671-1021

Other Services offered through peer support:

Peer Support Services
Peer Based Crisis Services
Case Management
Peer Support Groups

Peer Activities:

Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Roller Skating, Movie Theater, NA, AA, Church, Giving Back to Community, Exercise, Relapse Prevention

Testimony – Positive Support Helped Me Make it Though…

“Peer support was there for me when I was riding the craziest emotional rollercoaster there is. They let me know I wasn’t alone which is something I really needed. They encouraged me when I felt like giving up, they gave me positive support when I was unsure about what I needed or wanted to do. I really don’t think I would have made it through being away from my family if peer support wasn’t here for me. Even now that I am home with my family again, Peer Support continues to be a great positive sober support for me. They give me something to look forward to in my recovery”.

- Set Free Alaska Client