What is Peer Support?

The Peer Support Program is a function of our Outpatient Program offering Peer Support and Peer Based Crisis Services. Our Peer Support program is community-centered, focusing on building and strengthening the individual’s support system as well as reducing the stigma associated with addiction.  We facilitate contacts with others within the community to promote learning of social and recreational skills, create healthy relationships within community, and most importantly help them acquire a sense of belonging.

Our Peer Support Providers are people in recovery from a behavioral health issue, or the family member of a person in recovery from a behavioral health issue and they play a vital role in supporting similar individuals in their recovery journey (e.g., person to person, family member to family member). The Peer Support role is responsible for providing an array of support services and interventions designed to inspire hope and personal responsibility. Their professional and personal approach to service provides understanding, offers education, and promotes self-advocacy and self-determination through a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship.

Who we help? Anyone struggling with substance use issues. 

How do I get help? It’s simple! Call this number 907-671-1021

Other Services offered through peer support:

Peer Support Services
Peer Based Crisis Services
Case Management
Peer Support Groups

Peer Activities:

Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Roller Skating, Movie Theater, NA, AA, Church, Giving Back to Community, Exercise, Relapse Prevention

Testimony – Positive Support Helped Me Make it Though…

“Peer support was there for me when I was riding the craziest emotional rollercoaster there is. They let me know I wasn’t alone which is something I really needed. They encouraged me when I felt like giving up, they gave me positive support when I was unsure about what I needed or wanted to do. I really don’t think I would have made it through being away from my family if peer support wasn’t here for me. Even now that I am home with my family again, Peer Support continues to be a great positive sober support for me. They give me something to look forward to in my recovery”.

- Set Free Alaska Client

Who we are:

Shannon – My name is Shannon, and I am the Peer Support Program Manager at Set Free Alaska. I have been in the Behavioral Health field for ten years and thankfully employed at Set Free Alaska the entire time!  In addition to Peer Support expertise, I have counseling experience with individuals and groups, skilled in crisis stabilization, and have worked in both the outpatient and residential treatment environments. I have celebrated 14 years of continuous sobriety and I’m humbled daily from this incredible journey. I will never forget where I came from and I am very passionate about helping other overcome what may seem impossible in that moment.  It is honor to be able to walk this journey with my team and with the clients we serve.

Kat – I have been free from the bondage of drugs for three years now. Recovery to me is living the best life I possibly can. I strive daily to become the woman that God intended me to be. I’m thankful for peer support because it has been a major part of my recovery journey to have others that have walked the same path. They loved me until I could love myself. 

Sydney – Recovery for me means I have hope to be able to live a full life and that I am able to give back to the community that once helped me. I have lived with mental illness since middle school and within the last five years I have been able to make progress that allows me to live a full life and be present in my family’s life.

Jessica – My name is Jessica and I have been blessed with the gift of sobriety since February 1, 2017. The last 5 years have been full of wonder and surprise. I have been working as a Peer Support Professional for Set Free Alaska for 3 years and feel so blessed to walk alongside others as they navigate their own recovery. Peer support is a unique and genuine relationship that allows a recovering addict to share hope and encouragement to others that are seeking a healthier and brighter life.  “I love getting to show people that they are worth it.”

Alex – I have been sober since August of 2018. Peer support is an amazing opportunity to connect with likeminded people who won’t pass judgment and will support you through your recovery journey. Peer support can look like having a coffee, going on a drive, and/or someone to be with you going to appointments and meetings. It is totally your decision on how you want your time to go, please reach out you are not alone!!

James – Recovery has blessed my life in so many ways. It has given me purpose today and I am living in sobriety for a little over three years. To me recovery is a lifestyle you live, not something you just do. Recovery is choosing life. My recovery has also blessed me to be able to come along side other people struggling to offer guidance and support as they develop their own recovery. All people are worth this gift of recovery, you are worth it!!

Laddy – I’ve been in and out of treatment facilities since I was 18 years old.  I got connected with a peer support in 2019 and I have been experiencing sobriety ever since. Peer Support was connection with real life experiences. With the right support I was able to find my way back to a life worth living. Peer support connection was what I needed. They showed me how to love myself and that I was worth being loved.